Developments in modern technology created a safer and secure homes for everyone. Recently, the Ring Security Camera has created quite a buzz all around the world. They have different types of cameras in their array which includes the newest Stick-Up Camera, the simple Doorbell Camera, and the well-known Spotlight Camera. If you haven’t had one for yourself yet, here are the reasons why you should.

Running on Long-lasting Batteries

Different types of cameras are equipped with different power features. The Stick-Up Cam is a wireless CCTV which is powered through a battery. This makes the camera very easy to place anywhere in your house, whether outdoors or indoors. The batteries are also designed to last months without replacement and if you’d like to keep a spare one, they do not cost much.

Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio feature with the Ring Security Camera is perhaps one of the most talked about quality. This is because unlike most security cameras, the owner, through the application, can speak through the camera. This is very helpful to scare off burglars and to quiet down pets.

Adjustable Motion Sensitivity

The Ring application enables owners to adjust motion sensitivity of the cameras. This leads to a more focused motion detection on certain areas of the room being monitored. Through the application, you can configure it to ignore slight motion which is convenient if you have pets roaming around your house. However, if you have children, you can adjust its motion sensitivity so that you can see whether your child is safe or not.

Video Quality

Most securities cameras only have a 720-p resolution. The Ring Security Cameras has a whopping 1080 HD video feed. This resolution stands to perfectly identify any person it records throughout the day while still maintaining its clarity even in the night. Truly, the Ring Security Camera stands above all other security cameras in terms of video quality.