One of the challenges that a mother faces after giving birth is to monitor the newborn child. Of course, you cannot just sleep the whole night without ensuring your baby is all right. Good thing that technology now becomes so advanced. You can purchase an intuitive gadget that will do the job in monitoring your baby, day in and day out.

One of the famous newborn-monitoring gadgets is Oma Sense. If you want to know the reasons why most people trust this device, read on.

  1. Airflow Detection
    This gadget accurately reads the breathing pattern of your baby. By default, the Oma Sense feeds an anomaly to the parents after five seconds of irregular breathing. 
  2. No Harmful Connection
    You don’t have to worry about any harmful frequencies and radiation that may compromise the health of your baby. This gadget works without WiFi or Bluetooth connections. 
  3. Easy Interface
    This device is very easy to use since it only uses LED to transmit signals and warnings. If the LED lights flash every three seconds, this means that your baby is well and good.

Top 3 Items That are Very Dangerous for Babies

  1. Folding Cribs
    Don’t run after the style in buying a baby crib. This is because fancy and folding cribs are very dangerous to your children. It is always safe to settle for the typical design of the crib.
  2. Blankets
    Another big no for babies are the thick blankets and coverall. Always think that these garments could hamper the breathing pattern of your newborn.
  3. Sling Carriers
    You must always carry babies with tender love and care; thus, refrain from hanging them in a sling carrier. Belting your baby in the sling could affect the development of your baby in the long run.